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June 27 marks the 1 year anniversary of CM Punk’s ‘promo that shocked the world’.

June 27 marks the 1 year anniversary of the CM Punk ‘pipe bomb’ promo that – at least for a few months – made WWE must watch TV and hot property again.

WWE (and specifically CM Punk) were the talk of sports-talk radio stations, ESPN, and mainstream TV entertainment programming

The ‘vibe’ of the promo was it being a ‘shoot’ – meaning that the performer (in this case CM Punk) spoke honestly about what he legitimately felt and openly acknowledged some ‘backstage dirt’ – not something scripted by some writers.

The 2 things that stood out in this promo were:

1) CM Punk said a lot of things that most hardcore fans understood and genuinely agreed with
2) CM Punk said he was a ‘Paul Heyman guy’

Hearing the name Paul Heyman elicits an instant reaction from fans across nearly 3 decades of pro wrestling as he was an impact player in all three decades in front of and behind the cameras with his crowning achievement (thus far) as being the ‘mad scientist’ and ‘evil genius’ behind ECW which forever changed the landscape of professional wrestling.

WWE (known as WWF at the time) and WCW in the mid-90’s engaged in the ‘Monday Night Wars’ and arguably brought pro wrestling to it’s golden era – ratings, popularity and mainstream acceptance were all at an all-time high and will most likely never reach that level again.

WCW and WWE/F used ECW/Heyman’s booking concepts, style and ideas to reach this success. Anyone who says it was all Eric Bischoff or all Vince McMahon are at the very least very misinformed and at the worst lying.

Nobody remembers who designed the Lamborghini but everybody remembers who drives it. While Bischoff and McMahon may have been behind their respective steering wheels, Heyman was the one that designed and built the car.

The CM Punk promo was so obviously ‘Heyman-esque’ it was pure genius. One year later we still talk about the promo and what it did (briefly) for business in the big picture and what it did for CM Punk long-term. This is in no way to disparage CM Punk – he is an extraordinary talent and ahead of his time in his own right.

Are you a Paul Heyman guy?

But this is about Paul Heyman.

Heyman has returned to WWE and regardless if it is a short-term or long-term deal, he instantly makes WWE worth watching again because of what he does and more specifically how he does it. His role right now in representing Brock Lesnar is fantastic. You’ll always notice with Heyman there are no wasted moments and no wasted words, the point will be driven home, you’re going to want to see more and you’ll pay to see it.

Heyman’s contributions to pro wrestling from this vantage point are sorely underrated and they need to be recognized and acknowledged by the fans of the past, present and future. I am amazed at how many off-air emails we receive asking ‘what’s so special about Paul Heyman’?


It is the hope that after tonight’s show you’ll gain a new appreciation for Paul Heyman as we ‘sample’ a few moments from his career with the magic of YouTube and we entertain your response to this question:

‘Are you STILL a Paul Heyman guy?’

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