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Highlights of of Monday Night Raw for me included:

Jim Ross Checks In With His Latest BBQ & WWE Blog

Punk and Bryan have amazing chemistry and seeing these two perhaps at some point in time renew some form of an Ironman Bout would be fun to see. I still believe that their best is yet to come in a WWE ring. If WWE had a locker room full of athletes with Punk and Bryan’s intangibles it would be ideal but realistically men like these two don’t come along that often.

For my money, in the past several weeks Kane has not been better in years. He’s seemingly reinvented himself and is, and always has been, an asset to WWE in and out of the ring.

AJ’s TV persona continues to evolve and she’s the most compelling WWE Diva on TV at this time. She’s another young, talent who will get better over time and she’s become one of my favorite characters to watch on WWE programming.

It was good to see Sycho Sid make a surprise appearance on Monday Night Raw. Sid still looks to be in really good shape especially for a veteran. Seems from his Twitter that Sid had a great time IF Sid’s Twitter is actually his. Fake Twitter accounts are a true pain in the buttocks.

The upcoming MITB bouts are interesting. One will be dotted with former Champions while the other will have a different selection of talents looking to turn heads and maximize their minutes in a high profile bout. These are dangerous bouts and based on past history have produced some of the most memorable moments that I can recall broadcasting. What some of the men have put themselves through to entertain the fans in MITB has been the personification of high risk, high reward.

I thought that Vickie Guerrero had a stellar night on Raw. many of the male antagonists could learn from Vickie’s on air character.

Hard to believe that John Cena has been with WWE for a decade now. I can vividly recall scouting John in UPW in Southern California back in the day and remarking to WWE Management that I felt that we had signed a future Wrestlemania main eventer within the next five years at that time.

My latest contribution to WWE.com will be posted on July 3 and it is about broadcasting with Jim Cornette and Jesse Ventura. I attempt to explain why I felt that The Body and I under delivered, at least in my view, and why I take responsibility for that matter back in 1992.

After taping the next round of NXT at Full Sail University in Orlando on Thursday July 12, I will be flying to Iowa to attend the Hall of Fame activities in Waterloo on July 13-14. I will be assisting Jerry Brisco with a tryout camp in Waterloo on Friday July 13 at 1 pm and attending the HOF banquet, etc.

Anxious to see the new, CM Punk DVD that Punk was hands on during the production along with the talented WWE Home Video crew. I was very pleased that I was able to contribute to the project and am anxious to see Punk’s personal touches to this much anticipated production. It will be one of the top releases of the year.

I’m often asked who the next big star in WWE will be. I always give the same answer. It’s impossible to say or to narrow it down to just one talent. WWE has several, developing talents who have a legit shot at making it big. There are so many variables that factor into the success of an athlete that is largely dependent on the athletes themselves and them getting a some luck.

I will say that one, home grown product in WWE Developmental that seemingly has unlimited potential is Leakee, the son of Wild Samoan Sika and a former defensive lineman at Georgia Tech. A natural athlete with drive and toughness, Leakee is 6’3″-260 pounds and is a bright young man who seems to be grounded and has an excellent work ethic. Time will tell how he evolves but don’t be surprised if Leakee doesn’t make some noise in WWE in the future.

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I surpassed 460,000 Twitter followers @JRsBBQ. Please join us.

Love the new, college football playoff system that goes into affect in two years. The four team play off will generate BIG bucks and TV ratings and becomes essentially a TV products as it could be challenging for fans of competing teams to make travel plans in short notice. Nonetheless I’m excited about a CFB Playoff System and only hope that significant thought is given to who comprises the selection committee for the new process.

RAW1000 is beginning to feel really big and special, as it should, for the three hour spectacular in St Louis on July 23. I’d expect many surprises on that night and a packed, three hour broadcast. The best stories might be told in catering. That could be a good idea for WWE.com to cover.

There’s a recent article on Deadspin.com that some one fabricated about me speaking to students at my old school, Westville, Oklahoma, many years ago at an assembly. It’s total BS of which dozens can attest. Don’t believe all that you read online.

I’m enjoying lending a helping hand to the rebranding of NXT and working with William Regal, Byron Saxton and Chris Russo. I am unaware of where all NXT airs and don’t think that it airs anywhere in the USA but it does air in Canada and the UK from Tweets that I’ve received. I know of no plans for WWE.com to air NXT at this time.

I’m planning on going on a hunting trip with @shawnmichaels on his Outdoor Network show but after watching it last night there’s no way in hell we’re going to hunt elephants! How about we hunt the deadly wabbit?

This just in…I am still gainfully and happily employed by WWE. Many keep asking.

Can Chael Sonnen beat Anderson Silva in a few weeks on PPV in UFC? Of course but let’s hope that Chael didn’t blow his biggest/best chance the last time the two fought. I still put a lot of that outcome on Chael’s corner who had to know that Sonnen was ahead by a wide margin on the judge’s score cards and that the only way Silva could win was via KO or submission. Sonnen is a polarizing figure who has an immense personality and would be a great fit in WWE if he were to commit to being great in the squared circle. Chael should have stayed away from Silva in the last round of their last fight and if he had the charismatic athlete would be champion today.

I expect, now that the CFB playoff scenario is a reality that the Big 12 and the ACC will both attempt to ‘beef up’ their leagues to attempt to get closer in stature to the Big 10 and the powerful, bull of the woods, the SEC. College football as we know it is changing and hopefully for the better.

WWE returns to Oklahoma in October with Raw in OKC and Smackdown in Tulsa. The issues with the Oklahoma Athletic Commission have been largely resolved.

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