Josh Skaar (TheSTN) – Time Still Not Healing All Wounds in Green Bay

It has been four years since Brett Favre announced his first teary-eyed retirement. This season will be the second consecutive without Favre wavering on whether to stay semi-retired or continue with his pro career in the NFL.

Former Green Bay Packers QB Brett Favre

Mike Holmgren, Favre’s Super Bowl winning Head Coach from 1992-1997, is being inducted to the Packers team Hall of Fame this summer and team President Bob Harlan contacted Favre’s agent, Bus Cook to offer him a seat at his former coaches induction.

Favre was at the HoF induction for former teammate Frank Winters in 2008, while in the middle of his first retirement and weeks before deciding to come back and subsequently being traded to the New York Jets to make way for future Super Bowl and NFL MVP, Aaron Rodgers.

One might think, in sports, four years would be enough time to heal some of these wounds. Especially, when Favre came back Green Bay two years later and dominated the Packers as a member of the rival Minnesota Vikings.

But Favre’s ego may be getting in the way of being there for big occasions for his friends and mentors, in the case of Holmgren. According to Harland, Favre and his agent have yet to respond to the invitation. With the ceremony being three weeks away it would seem Favre is still holding a rather large grudge against the GM that traded and replaced him: Ted Thompson.

Harlan made the first move in trying to resurrect Favre as a Packer. His appearance at the Packers Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony would have been a big story and showed many-still jilted- Packers fans that Favre is finally ready to embrace his retirement and the fruits of being honored for being one of the, if not the greatest, Packer of all time.

“He’s got to come back someday and have his number retired,” Harlan said, in an interview with ESPN Milwaukee. “He’s going to go into the Packers Hall of Fame; I think he should go into the Packers Hall of Fame before he goes into Canton.”

It looks like Favre may be waiting for Thompson’s demise before stepping foot in the hallowed halls of Lambeau Field as a member of the Green Bay Packers again.

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