Jim Ross – @JRsBBQ Talks WWE RAW/NXT – UFC 152 (And Why He Isn’t Buying It) + More

What a week…I was home approximately 12 hours from Saturday through Friday late afternoon. Here’s the story…

Always good to hit Boston and see my friend Sean Grande who is the radio play by play voice of the Boston Celtics. I enjoyed being in Boston, for the most part, except forgetting my prized, 200X Resistol hat in an unmarked livery vehicle and not being able to retrieve it. Same hat I wore when inducted into the WWE HOF in 2007 and at several WrestleManias and Monday Night Raws. Hopped in a car at Logan Airport and simply forgot my hat. DAMN…as Ron Simmons would espouse.

I know it’s a long shot but I’d pay a nice reward if I get my hat back.

Nice, three hour drive Sunday night after NOC in Boston to Trumbull, Ct to sleep for a few hours before beginning a 12 hour day, from start to finish, on Monday in Bridgeport.

Really enjoyed working the three man announce table with JBL and Michael Cole as I felt that we started somewhat slow but really found our rhythm as the show progressed.

JBL is a polarizing personality with big talent and and an edge which adds to any WWE broadcast. A smart antagonist has and always will have a place in sports entertainment television.

Michael Cole, in the role that he is currently in, has been outstanding. Michael is a tireless worker who prepares like no one that I’ve ever worked with. He handles the required social media business, etc expertly which is something that I’d be challenged to do in today’s WWE.

I also don’t think that I would have come close to handling the King’s situation in Montreal as well as Michael.

I have no idea who WWE plans to pair with Cole in the weeks leading to Jerry Lawler’s expected return to the announce table on RAW but who ever it may be will be receiving a great opportunity for exposure and to enhance their TV persona.

JBL’s going to be a little busy over the next couple of weeks traveling to Africa and climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

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Always enjoy traveling to Orlando to help out with NXT at Full Sail University. By the way, if one is interested in getting in the TV business in a multitude of jobs and then perhaps catch on with WWE, I’d suggest doing some research on attending college @FullSail.

Nice night for several NXT talents and other young, WWE performers. We always get great effort from the men and women who perform/compete at NXT. Some could stand to slow down a bit but that’s another story. Great in ring psychologists over the years weren’t great because they performed at a break neck, frenetic pace. Think about it.

Of course it’s easy for one to take the other side of the issue and take it to the extreme by saying that no one wants to see a slow, plodding bout with little action or drama. That’s not what I’m endorsing for the record.

The attitude of everyone at the NXT tapings is so positive and motivating. These individuals know that they are being evaluated not only by their ring work but also by how they prepare and how they represent themselves and WWE.

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Thought Big E Langston had a nice Thursday evening. Big, strong, and smart, Big E has an opportunity to be special at some point in the future. E’s about 285 pounds and unearthly strong. Plus, he’s not a plodder and moves with excellent quickness and it’s obvious that he’s done plenty of football agility drills including playing some at DT at Iowa. The fans at the tapings are really getting with Big E Langston.

Leo Kruger is another talent who has excellent in ring skills and an intriguing TV persona tied to his South African heritage which includes being a “big game hunter.’

Bray Wyatt killed it with a promo segment in a persona that may remind some of Waylon Mercy aka Dan Spivey back in the day which was based on the ‘Sam Cady’ character from ‘Cape Fear.’ Bray Wyatt looked physically better than I’ve ever seen him and when the third generation performer gets healthy he’s going to have an opportunity to make an impact or so it seems to me.

Bo Dallas also had a stellar night. I love his fire and passion and he gets better every time that I see him. Plus, Bo is so young and he’s still growing.

Diva Paige from England has impressed for several weeks. She’s seemingly got a bright future ahead of her. She has uniquely connected with the live audience.

Roman Reigns has the tools to be a big time player if he keeps working hard. Great, athletic look with natural instincts. Seems to have ‘it.’ Let’s just hope that he enhances ‘it’ and doesn’t lose ‘it.’

There are several others who I didn’t mention here who also had solid nights at NXT and who are being counted on to contribute in a big way.

When the time is right for talents to crack the lineup on Raw or Smackdown, every piece of the puzzle needs to be in place. I don’t know what the timeline is for any talents but I am extremely optimistic about those that will be coming to WWE in the future. Until then, we all have to be patient so that those that we are excited to see have the very best chance of succeeding the first time when they’re introduced.

It’s up to everyone in developmental to continue to work diligently to improve and to continue to demonstrate professionalism and dependability. Don’t allow a lapse in judgment cost one an opportunity that might not come back around.

One of my favorite parts of going to Full Sail are the food trucks that come by around 4 pm or so. Good stuff…”as seen on TV.”

The non televised main event featuring World Champ Sheamus vs. U.S. Champ Antonio Cesaro took me back to some memorable Mid South or UWF battles of yesteryear. The two men beat the hell out of each other in one of the most aggressive and physically intense bouts that I’ve seen in a while. Great stuff.

Because I’ve been busier than usual with travel and other projects on which I’m working, I’ve not emotionally invested in Saturday night’s UFC 152 PPV. I know John Jones is in the main event but I’m not watching as I will be on the Sooner sideline for the OU vs. Kansas State Big 12 match up. Nope, don’t even care to tape it. The debacle that is UFC 151 still somewhat lingers with me. I’ll reinvest but it will take a more competitive matchup and more star power for that decision to be made but it will happen.

@RealKingRegal is a refreshing voice at the announce table on NXT. Regal is bright, witty, and knowledgeable. Nice set of skills for a color broadcaster to possess.

Good to see Matt Striker, who handled some of the ring announcing on NXT, down in Florida. Striker is ubiquitous as he was in Boston, Bridgeport, Philly and Orlando.

I’ve heard nothing about when or if NXT will begin airing in the United States but the feedback from other regions that air the broadcast has been universally favorable.

You might catch me on FX Saturday night hanging out on the Oklahoma sideline but no drinking games when there’s a black hat sighting, please, and no drinking and driving.

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Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ and enjoy the craziness.

Boomer Sooner!


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