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It’s football time in Oklahoma! The Notre Dame Fighting Irish visit Norman this Saturday night to play my #Sooners and that’s the talk of the town where I live. With that said, here are some random thoughts….

Happy to be home for the balance of the week to ‘prep’ for Hell in a Cell on PPV this Sunday from Atlanta and to get ready for the Sooners vs. the Irish Saturday night on ABC. Hopefully, I’ll  see a major, #OU win before flying to Atlanta Sunday morning.

Lots of ND fans talking trash on Twitter @JRsBBQ but I’m not engaging or wasting my time on them. Same thing happened prior to the Sooners spanking of Texas and then the Horns fans went away. I love loyal, sports fans, I’m certainly one of my team, but some Twitter Warriors are simply trolling and looking for attention.

If you have legit questions that you would like to submit please do so at our Q&A section. I updated the Q&A’s Wednesday morning for the record.

Enjoyed being in East Rutherford Monday night once again sitting in for Jerry Lawler and working with @MichaelCole. I thought Michael and I had our best outing on Raw to date. As I am reminded daily by fans who follow us here or on Twitter @JRsBBQ, that three hours is a long time to invest in any TV show. All any broadcasters can do is our best to entertain and inform the audience and, above all else, attempt to embellish and better establish the talents.

Ryback vs. Punk Sunday inside Hell in a Cell is a head scratcher when attempting to pick a winner. Either Ryback takes his first loss or he leaves the new, WWE Champion. I’m as anxious to see the outcome of Sunday’s PPV Main Event as is the next guy.

Unlike some fans with nothing better to do, I’m not going to over think it the outcome of Ryback-Punk. I’ve read some amazingly ridiculous theories on the WWE Title bout online but I prefer to draw my conclusions after I have seen the match. Execution, as always, is the key. That’s not new news or overly insightful but it is a fact.

What’s the best match that I ever called is the most frequently asked question that I get here or on Twitter. The answer is that  I have no answer. There have been too many memorable ones and to pick just one is impossible for me to do. Nonetheless, I’m sure that I’ll continue to get that question on a regular basis.

Many WWE fans want me to be the guest picker on ESPN’s College Game Day this Saturday from Norman. While I sincerely appreciate the support and would love doing it, it’s never going to happen. ESPN isn’t going to tag in a “wresting guy” for that role that will take place about 3 miles from where I live.

I wonder how many folks BS me when they tell me that they bought JR’s products because they simply want a response? I’d like to think not that many however my common sense says I’m likely naive. If you get an order from WWEShop.com or @americansoda send a photo to @JRsBBQ on Twitter.

By the way all our bottled products IE our JR’s BBQ Sauces, Chipotle Ketchup and Main Event Mustard (Jalapeno Honey Mustard) are gluten free.

Cool read on WWE.com of Celtics voice Sean Grande reviewing the new, @CMPunk DVD. I think it’s the best WWE, DVD production it years. A must see and a life lesson on not giving up one’s goals or dreams.

Speaking of Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma, Al Snow had a role in the movie ‘Rudy’ playing an Irish football player but I never could pick him out of the crowd. Any one know Al’s jersey #?

Hope WWE fan and Green Bay QB @aaronrodgers12 enjoyed Raw Monday night as did the NYG guys who sat behind the announce table. NFL players have been some of WWE’s biggest fans over the years.

Loved the Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler bout on Raw Monday night. I could easily see big things involving these two. I enjoy Bryan’s humor more often than not but I’m a bigger fan of his wrestling. Ziggler is inching closer and closer to where he needs to be. If both keep refining their overall games, they could earn a bunch of money in the future and headline many major events.

People seemingly love to ask the damnedest questions. Dirt. Controversy. Our society has an insatiable desire for negative info. Or is it even perceived as negative to them? Nonetheless, I am NOT a hater of Ed Ferrara, we made our peace long ago. Living in angst or anger is a complete waste of time. Did I like Ed’s impersonation of me back in the day? Nope. Am I ‘over it?’ Hell, yeah.

Looks like I will miss the OU at Iowa State game, not good, so I can fly to England on that Saturday, land in Manchester on Sunday and drive to Birmingham so I can help  broadcast Monday Night Raw. I could leave on Sunday but arriving on Monday morning in England and getting a quick nap, if possible, and then doing a three hour Raw isn’t smart planning. That leaves no margin for error even though the King has done it for years.

Rhodes/Sandow aka the Rhodes Scholars are making a really viable tag team. Keep an eye on them. Rey/Sin Cara are also a viable duo and having Rey in tag bouts is strategic use of the talented resource.

I am not sure when @jerrylawler is going to return to work but I’m ASSUMING it will be this year which means sometime in November or December. I’m happy to keep King’s chair warm until the doctor’s say that he can resume weekly travel, etc to broadcast Raw on Monday night’s. Jerry’s feeling great and seems to improve daily. He’s relaxing and enjoying life. Every time I think of his heart attack I think of just how lucky Jerry is to be alive and that if he hadn’t been where he was when the attack occurred that he would likely have died.

Alberto Del Rio is noticeably more aggressive inside the ring and that will help him over the long haul including this Sunday vs. Randy Orton on PPV. However, I have to say that the pricey automobile thing is wearing thin.

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Boomer Sooner!


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