TheSTN – NFL Games Rank As Two Most-Watched Shows For 10th Time In 11 Weeks

NFL games were the two most-watched shows on TV last week (Nov. 12-18) with the CBS national telecast (Indianapolis Colts-New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers-Denver Broncos) topping all sports and entertainment competition with 23.6 million viewers followed by NBC’s Sunday Night Football(Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers) with 18.2 million viewers.

This marks the 11th time in 11 weeks that an NFL game has topped the viewership charts and the 10th time in 11 weeks that NFL games ranked 1-2 in viewership for the week.

For the season, NFL games rank as the 17 most-watched TV shows since Labor Day. Following are the most-watched programs this fall:

Program Viewers
1. NBC Sunday Night Football (Steelers-Broncos), 9/9 27.6 million
2. FOX Sunday National (mostly Giants-Cowboys), 10/28 26.9 million
3. FOX Sunday National (mostly 49ers-Packers), 9/9 26.4 million
4. CBS Sunday National (mostly Broncos-Patriots), 10/7 24.5 million
5. FOX Sunday National (mostly Cowboys-Eagles), 11/11 24.3 million
6. CBS Sunday National (mostly Steelers-Giants), 11/4 24.2 million
7. CBS Sunday National (mostly Texans-Broncos), 9/23 24.0 million
8. NBC Wed. Night Kickoff Game (Cowboys-Giants), 9/5 23.9 million
9. CBS Sunday National (Indy-NE & SD-Den), 11/18 23.6 million
10. CBS Sunday National (mostly Jets-Patriots), 10/21 23.0 million
11. FOX Sunday National (mostly Giants-49ers), 10/14 22.8 million
12. NBC Sunday Night Football (Giants-Eagles), 9/30 22.8 million
13. FOX Sunday National (mostly Saints-Packers), 9/30 22.3 million
14. NBC Sunday Night Football (Cowboys-Falcons), 11/4 21.8 million
15. NBC Sunday Night Football (Lions-49ers), 9/16 21.3 million
16. NBC Sunday Night Football (Patriots-Ravens), 9/23 21.3 million
17. NBC Sunday Night Football (Texans-Bears), 11/11 20.9 million
18. CBS NCIS (Season Premiere), 9/25 20.5 million

Source: NFL & The Nielsen Company

Locally, NFL games topped ratings in 28 NFL markets last week.

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