Jim Ross – @JRsBBQ 7 Points To Ponder – The Cotton Bowl

  1. Tackling. For the Sooners to win they must tackle better than they have all season. Missed tackles equate to potential big plays and extended time on the field for one of the nation’s best offenses.
  2. Assignment Football. Things like gap control and containment facilitate OU’s chances of getting a few more three and out’s which, against Texas A&M, are crucial.
  3. Line of Scrimmage. How well OU’s offensive tackles handle the Aggie DE’s looms large. LT Lane Johnson can earn himself some major bucks with a great game. Sophomore RT Tyrus Thompson will be sternly challenged. Sooners D-Line will be assaulted. How will they respond?
  4. Ball Control. One of the best ways to defend Kevin Sumlin’s Aggies is to keep their offense off the field. Timely play calling and crisp execution by the Sooners offense is a must.
  5. Oklahoma Running Game. It must have a discernable pulse. If Damien Williams, Brennan Clay and Trey Millard can be effective, QB Landry Jones’ night will be significantly more productive. Plus, an efficient running game makes the game clock an ally.
  6. Big Plays. Give up many of them and OU loses. Make a few and the Crimson clad fans amongst the 90,000 attending will celebrate a win. Can the Aggies secondary matchup with the Sooners deep, big play making receiving corps? Let’s hope not.
  7. Turnovers. Always a big factor in any game especially one where the two teams are so evenly matched. It’s hard to imagine that the team with the fewest turnovers in the game doesn’t win it.

Expect an emotional, high scoring contest Friday night in Cowboys Stadium. It’s easy to speculate that the last team with the football wins but one can also make an argument that the team who makes the last, big play on defense wins it. QB Jones will someday, and deservedly so, be remembered as one of the best to ever play at Oklahoma and hopefully that discussion begins Friday night in Dallas.

Oklahoma 38 Texas A&M 35

Boomer Sooner!





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