Jim Ross – @JRsBBQ HIAC & Charlotte RAW Thoughts + More

Hello all and a special greeting to all those affected by Hurricane Sandy. I’ve been in contact with many friends who reside in the northeast who have endured Sandy’s wrath. Our best wishes to all as the aftermath and residual affect of Mother Nature’s fury will be felt for years. Here are some … Continue reading

Jim Ross – @JRsBBQ JR Looks At @CMPunk vs. Ryback at Sunday’s HIAC PPV + 20% Off JR’s Products

It’s football weather in Norman, Oklahoma as many of us anxiously await Saturday night’s Oklahoma vs. Note Dame college football slobber knocker televised here nationally on ABC. Now this.. The @CMPunk vs. @Ryback22 main event this Sunday at HIAC in Atlanta is one of the most intriguing matchups the WWE … Continue reading

Jim Ross – @JRsBBQ Raw Thoughts – Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma + More

It’s football time in Oklahoma! The Notre Dame Fighting Irish visit Norman this Saturday night to play my #Sooners and that’s the talk of the town where I live. With that said, here are some random thoughts…. Happy to be home for the balance of the week to ‘prep’ for … Continue reading

Jim Ross – @JRsBBQ OKC RAW – NFL Network – JR In A Poker Tournament + More

Here’s hoping everyone is having a great day no matter where you are. As my Grandpa would say, “I’ve been busier than a fruit merchant” this week traveling to Albany, New York and promoting the OKC Raw that is this Monday night. Here’s some quick random thoughts… Sure hoping for a good crowd in … Continue reading

Jim Ross – @JRsBBQ Talks WWE RAW/NXT – UFC 152 (And Why He Isn’t Buying It) + More

What a week…I was home approximately 12 hours from Saturday through Friday late afternoon. Here’s the story… Always good to hit Boston and see my friend Sean Grande who is the radio play by play voice of the Boston Celtics. I enjoyed being in Boston, for the most part, except forgetting my prized, … Continue reading