Steve Kallas (TheSTN) – Jim Schwartz & The NFL: Dumb & Dumber

Well, you can’t make this stuff up.  By now you’ve seen the play in Texans-Lions on Thanksgiving: 3rd quarter, Lions up 10, Houston’s Justin Forsett runs it up the middle and gets tackled about seven yards downfield. Except, according to the officials, despite his elbow and knee touching the ground, … Continue reading

TheSTN – NFL: NFC Players Of The Week Announced

Rookie quarterback ROBERT GRIFFIN III of the Washington Redskins, linebacker ALDON SMITH of the San Francisco 49ers and kicker DAN BAILEY of the Dallas Cowboys are the NFC Offensive, Defensive and Special Teams Players of the Week for games played the 11th week of the 2012 season (November 15, 18-19), the NFL announced today.     … Continue reading

TheSTN – NFL Games Rank As Two Most-Watched Shows For 10th Time In 11 Weeks

NFL games were the two most-watched shows on TV last week (Nov. 12-18) with the CBS national telecast (Indianapolis Colts-New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers-Denver Broncos) topping all sports and entertainment competition with 23.6 million viewers followed by NBC’s Sunday Night Football(Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers) with 18.2 million viewers. This marks … Continue reading

TheSTN – NFL: Balance On Offense Leads To Success For Texans

NFL defenses present complex schemes in an attempt to confuse and disrupt offenses. One method offenses use to counter is a balanced approach that leaves defenses guessing. The Houston Texans, who sit atop the AFC with a 9-1 record, certainly believe in balance. Through Week 11, Houston has the best … Continue reading