TheSTN – NFL: Remarks of Commissioner Roger Goodell To Harvard School of Public Health

Let me begin by thanking Dean Julio Frenk for inviting me to speak here today. It is truly an honor to discuss two topics that I am passionate about: the game of football and its future. The history of football is closely connected with the history of Harvard. Football has … Continue reading

TheSTN – Commissioner Goodell Appoints Paul Tagliabue Hearing Officer for Appeals of Discipline in Saints Bounty Matter

Commissioner Roger Goodell today notified the NFL Players Association and the four players who have appealed their suspensions in the Saints bounty matter that he has appointed former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue as the hearing officer to decide the appeals and bring the matter to a prompt and fair conclusion. … Continue reading

TheSTN – Roger Goodell NFL Fall Owners Meetings Transcript

  Opening comments: Roger Goodell: We are very pleased to announce that next season for the first time, the NFL will be playing two regular season games in London. As you know, last week we announced that Jacksonville will host San Francisco at Wembley Stadium on October 27, 2013. Today, we’re … Continue reading

TheSTN – NFL: Discipline Reaffirmed For 4 Players In Saints Bounty Program

Commissioner Roger Goodell reaffirmed the discipline for four players in the New Orleans Saints’ bounty matter today, but adjusted certain aspects of it following recent meetings with each of the players, the first time those players had agreed to speak directly to the NFL to give their side of the … Continue reading

TheSTN – NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell National Conference Call Transcript

On what the dynamics with the owners were in the wake of Monday night’s call: The owners obviously were very informed on these negotiations. Jeff Pash led the negotiations for close to a year, and there were regular updates to the ownership that Jeff would provide. We had four owners that … Continue reading

TheSTN – NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell On The Passing Of Art Modell

Art Modell’s leadership was an important part of the NFL’s success during the league’s explosive growth during the 1960s and beyond. As the longtime chairman of the league’s Broadcast Committee, Art was a visionary who understood the critical role that mass viewing of NFL games on broadcast television could play … Continue reading