Steve Kallas (TheSTN) – Like Him Or Not Reggie Jackson Was Right About A-Rod

So, how does it work today? You can speak your mind, but only to a point? You can “tell it like it is,” but you better not bite the hand that feeds you? While there are often different versions of the truth, there are just times when the truth is … Continue reading

Steve Kallas (TheSTN) – Sandusky Verdict: The End Or Beginning Of A Disaster?

As you know, a jury (of his peers?) recently convicted former Penn state assistant coach Jerry Sandusky of 45 of 48 counts of some form of sexual abuse of 10 victims. Sandusky will go to prison for the rest of his life with little or no hope of winning an … Continue reading

Steve Kallas (TheSTN) – Roger Clemens Acquitted On All Six Counts

On Monday, June 18, 2012, a federal jury of eight women and four men acquitted Roger Clemens on all six counts in his federal perjury trial. While much will be made (and correctly so) of how the Clemens defense team destroyed the credibility of his main accuser, former trainer Brian … Continue reading

Steve Kallas (TheSTN) – Sandusky Trial Might Be Over Sooner Than You Think

Surprisingly, the prosecution may rest as early as Friday in the state court prosecution of former Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky. In a morbid, horrific case, Sandusky is charged with 52 counts arising from his alleged sexual deviance with 10 little boys over 15 years. IT’S NOT GOING WELL FOR … Continue reading

Steve Kallas (TheSTN) – Defense Rests In The Trial Of Roger Clemens

At the start of the ninth week of trial (with 26 actual days of testimony), the case of Roger Clemens will finally go to the jury, probably later today (Tuesday) or, at the latest, tomorrow. The defense rested its case on Monday and, after closing arguments on Tuesday morning into … Continue reading

Steve Kallas (TheSTN) – Prosecution Makes A Strong Case Against Clemens

On Tuesday, May 29, the prosecution in the perjury trial of Roger Clemens rested after presenting its case-in-chief.  Despite great efforts by the Clemens defense team, it says here that the government scored plenty of points with the jury; enough to get Roger Clemens convicted of one or more counts … Continue reading