Steve Kallas (TheSTN) – The Latest On The Roger Clemens Trial

In the federal courtroom of Judge Reggie Walton in Washington, D.C., the cross-examination of star witness (against Roger Clemens) Brian McNamee by lawyer Rusty Hardin continued today in a morning-only session.  So far (the very end of trial on Monday and the morning-only session on Tuesday), we certainly have not … Continue reading

Steve Kallas (TheSTN) – What Does The NY Knicks Win Really Mean?

An exciting Game 4 Knick win, a snap-the-all-time-NBA-playoff-losing-streak win, a probably-guarantee-that-Mike-Woodson-gets-hired win. But what does it really mean? A GOOD SEASON All in all, it’s been a good season for the New York Knicks. Not really for what they’ve done this season (certainly, at a minimum, they were expected to … Continue reading