Jim Ross – @JRsBBQ On @HeymanHustle & @CMPunk, Sooners Football, Michael Clarke Duncan + More

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our site. I also appreciate those that help support our efforts building JR’s brand of delicious sauces and condiments at http://www.wweshop.com. Your business is sincerely appreciated and with that, let’s get rolling. Enjoyed my trip with the Oklahoma Sooner football team down to El … Continue reading

Jim Ross – @JRsBBQ Talks WWE, NFL Refs + More

Just got home from a quick trip up to Green Bay and have these random thoughts… Enjoyed the first segment of Raw a great deal. Punk and Lawler’s verbal exchange was intriguing and motivated me to want to see them wrestle. @CMPunk and @Jerry Lawler delivered. Backstage skits are largely, … Continue reading

Jim Ross – @JRsBBQ Talks Austin/Punk, WWE, Dez Bryant, OU Sooners, Clemens + More

Happy Sunday or what ever day you’re reading this. Let’s cook… SummerSlam the live event grossed over a $1.1M gate last Sunday in LA. Goes to show you that a well promoted event with attractions that fans want to see will still sell even in today’s disposable income challenged society. … Continue reading

Jim Ross – @JRsBBQ SummerSlam Sunday Blog

Greeting to all from Los Angeles. SummerSlam on PPV should be hot just like the weather. Really anxious for HHH-Lesnar. Very personal issue. Won’t be a pretty match..nothing fancy. I see physicality, aggression & a battle of wills. HHH might be the best game planner ever. He’ll need it. Don’t … Continue reading

Jim Ross – @JRsBBQ To SummerSlam – Brock Lesnar – Hard Knocks + More

Huge week here with just returning from an extended trip from Orlando/NXT and Pittsburgh to visit family while preparing to head to Los Angeles Thursday for THQ related work during SummerSlam weekend. For foodies, who ever told you that BBQ sauce is seasonal is wrong. All our products can be … Continue reading

Jim Ross – Undertaker Is Alive & Well + More WWE & BBQ Thoughts

It’s scorching in Oklahoma, the heat index at our home in Norman this afternoon was 122 degrees with a real temp of 113. With that said and all due respect to the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore…let’s grill… The Q&A section of the site is updated but we also get many … Continue reading