Jim Ross – @JRsBBQ Tuesday Blog: RAW Thoughts – Remembering Andy Griffith + More

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Jim Ross – @JRsBBQ Latest Blog & Random Thoughts

Here’s hoping that everyone had a great weekend and will continue to enjoy the 4th of July festivities in the USA celebrating America’s birthday. Here’s the link to browse JR’s products at http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss. Random thoughts…. Enjoyed the film ‘Ted’ this weekend with the bride. ‘Ted’ isn’t a family movie as … Continue reading

Jim Ross – Bells Palsy, Best Football Player Turned Wrestler, UFC, WWE + More

It’s a red hot Saturday here in Norman, Oklahoma. Great weekend to grill and not heat up the kitchen. WWEShop is offering 20% OFF on $60 or more orders at this link http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss for a limited time. I hope that you will check out what they have to offer as … Continue reading

Jim Ross – WWE Thoughts – Hunting With Shawn Michaels + More

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Pro Wrestling Insider (TheSTN) – About Paul Heyman – The Anniversary Of CM Punk’s Promo + More

June 27 marks the 1 year anniversary of the CM Punk ‘pipe bomb’ promo that – at least for a few months – made WWE must watch TV and hot property again. WWE (and specifically CM Punk) were the talk of sports-talk radio stations, ESPN, and mainstream TV entertainment programming … Continue reading

Jim Ross – @JRsBBQ Wednesday Blog – @HeymanHustle – Lesnar – Grilling The Perfect Burger + More

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