TheSTN – Browns President Mike Holmgren Press Conference 10-23-12

(Opening statement) – “I’d like to start off by thanking Randy Lerner, first of all, for giving me the opportunity to come to Cleveland. My year off when he came to visit me in Arizona, he made a very compelling case to come in and try and help the organization. … Continue reading

TheSTN – Browns President Mike Holmgren Addresses Pending Sale Of The Team

(Opening statement)– “I think anything I would say has probably already been written. The club is in negotiations with a buyer, an investor, and it’s an ongoing thing right now. Randy’s (Lerner) number one concern, in our meetings in the last couple of days has been that it not become … Continue reading

Josh Skaar (TheSTN) – Time Still Not Healing All Wounds in Green Bay

It has been four years since Brett Favre announced his first teary-eyed retirement. This season will be the second consecutive without Favre wavering on whether to stay semi-retired or continue with his pro career in the NFL. Mike Holmgren, Favre’s Super Bowl winning Head Coach from 1992-1997, is being inducted … Continue reading