Steve Kallas (TheSTN) – Yankees’ Girardi Re-arranging Deck Chairs On The Titanic

If you don’t think baseball is the hardest game to play; if you don’t think that hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports, watch a few New York Yankee playoff games.  While many were screaming (correctly) that the Yankees had to play A-Rod, that they shouldn’t … Continue reading

Steve Kallas (TheSTN) – In Cardinals-Braves Playoff Game, That Was A Good Infield Fly Call (Believe It Or Not)

By now you have probably seen the play at least five times:  bottom eight, first and second, one out, Cardinals winning 6-3 and Atlanta’s Andrelton Simmons at the plate.  Simmons hits a very high pop fly into shallow left field.  Cardinal shortstop Pete Kozma ran about 30 feet into the … Continue reading

Steve Kallas (TheSTN) – No Person Or Entity Can Damage The Integrity Of The NFL Like The NFL

Hard to believe that it has gone this far, but it has gone this far.  The disgrace of the NFL continues on a weekly (daily?) basis.  With the obligatory “the replacement refs are trying their best” out of the way, let’s take a look at how the NFL is killing … Continue reading

Steve Kallas (TheSTN) – Yankees Win A Miracle Game As Robinson Cano Loafs Another Ball

The Yankees win a miracle game over the Oakland A’s in 14 innings after getting down four runs in the 13th inning and everybody is talking about the impossible comeback (only the second time in the storied history of the New York Yankees that they came back to win after … Continue reading

Steve Kallas (TheSTN) – Brilliant Bunt Helps, Terrible Call Hurts, In Yankees Loss to Orioles

This was supposed to be an article solely on Derek Jeter’s brilliant bunt to help give the Yankees a chance in what turned out to be a 5-4 big loss to the Orioles on Saturday night.  But after first base ump Jerry Meals blew a pretty easy call at first … Continue reading